Offering LIFE Coaching & Meditation sessions with SuZanna Mantis, working successfully since 1986 in the field of personal transformation with 100's of people. A Certified Master Reflexologist since 1998 she offers powerful, healing sessions for body peace. 

Z's Body & Soul

      Where Joy, Harmony and Balance Connect

All the teachers at Z's  are engaged in getting up-to-date certificates in their discipline and work to practice what they preach. They are "real",  accessible, engaging and supportive. They hold         themselves to the strictest requirements for knowledge and "heart" so that you can rest easy and feel safe while you participate in any of the classes offered @ Z's Body & Soul.

Healing @ Z's



Walk into Z's and the feeling of serenity surrounds You. Greeted with joy by knowledgeable staff & perhaps a warm neck wrap with some of Z's hand created organic essential oil remedies. Choose a class, service or products that will support your Being. Shop over 80 unique & locally made products for healing.

NEW Sat class @ 10! 13 classes per week; 

Gentle Mat, Seated, Hatha, Vinyasa Flow & Yin Yoga & MELT. Look on the classes page for details.​ We are a small, warm and well-staffed studio.​ Non-judgemental and encouraging, yet do require focus. (focus builds brain cells!)

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                                        11 to 2

                               Wed, 12 to 2:30

    9504  271st St, Stanwood, Wa 98292 * 360-629-5040