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$17.95 each

  • Brain Boost – Use in a diffuser to help cognition, memory & energy.  Organic sage, peppermint, lavender & ylang ylang. 
  • Body Calm – Use this to calm and relax you if you are agitated or anxious.  It’s also ideal for helping you relax and sleep – a sweet night-time retreat for your bedroom.  Lavender, palmarosa & geranium. 
  • Cold & Flu Buster – Fighting all those bugs throughout the year is crucial.  Essential oils strengthen the immune system.  Eucalyptus, thyme, cedarwood & orange make this a wonderful healing blend.
  •  4 Thieves – Cinnamon, clove, rosemary, and lemon organic essential oils make this a powerhouse anti-oxidant for anti-viral effect.
  • Inner Peace – Created with you in mind, we all need more inner peace.  A blend of lavender, orange, frankincense, geranium, cedarwood & a drop of patchouli.
  • Meditation blend – To help aid you in your quieting of the mind.  Frankincense, lavender, red mandarin & marjoram essential oils used for calming & grounding.
  • Pure Joy – Fighting depression or just feeling low?  Try this blend of lemongrass, lavender, frankincense & sweet orange.
  • Lavender & Amber essential oil blend - Indian amber fragrant oil has a pungent and powerful smell combined with the calming essence of organic lavender
  • Spice – This earthy, spicy blend is perfect for warming up your house and bedroom, and has powerful antiviral and antibacterial actions.  Patchouli, cinnamon, sweet orange, and clove.
  • Uplift – At the same time, this blend of peppermint (an energizer and cleansing) with Lavender (calming, grounding, and healing) leaves you feeling Uplifted and ready to tackle anything!
  • Winter blend – Organic essential oils of fir, sweet orange & cypress.  Use in a diffuser, breathe deep & blessings.

Z's 100% pure, organic, diffuser blends. No carrier oils used. 1/4 oz Each

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