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Your experience @ Z's is based on your individual needs and desires. Be it Gentle Yoga, Seated Yoga, YIN & Yoga Melt, Coaching and/or Reflexology sessions SuZanna is especially trained to support what you say you need. Perhaps you just want to purchase the best organic essential oils locally, or gain more knowledge on natural healing for yourself and family? Come into Z's Body & Soul. Located across from the Stanwood Middle School @ 9504  271st St. Z follows school & holiday closures. Open, MON to THURS, 11 to 3. Please call to pick up products @ 360-629-5040. We look forward to serving you.

gentle yoga & yin

(mat classes)

Z's     yoga melt

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Z became certified in The Melt Method Oct 2013. Z 's Yoga Melt class uses some of Sue Hitzman's incredible techniques, with small balls and props for releasing pain in the spine and neck. This 45 minute class is a must for anyone with an over-active nervous system, sore back and shoulders. People with chronic pain gain powerful results from this class.

Cost of 8 classes is $120. Make-ups will need to be done in other seated or mat classes. Sorry no exceptions.

Drop in fees are $20 and a space needs to be reserved prior to class w/ Z, @ 360-333-5113. Z teaches one on one or classes in Melt for 2. Please call her for info.

​Unlike most exercises or physical regimen, you can do this class (you must be able to get on the floor) even if you are injured, pregnant, or just had surgery. If you are overweight, have limited mobility, or have bone disorders, you can still take this amazing class. Anyone who wants to delay the aging process and live longer and better can benefit.

 Class Schedule

Monday 10 to 11am, full, no wait list, sorry

Monday 5:30pm to 6:20pm, OPEN as of 11/28th, register now for Dec and Jan!

 Z's seated Yoga


OPEN Friday 11/25 ~ 12 to 4! 20% OFF on all products ONE day!

​located @ 9504  271st St in Stanwood, Wa 98292          

360-629-5040, spaces OPEN in Mon MELT class @ 5:30!


This class will help you to re-establish your strength and gain more movement. Done 50% in your chair and the rest standing (holding onto a chair if needed). All yoga is demanding and everyone is encouraged to honor their own limitations.

It is 35 to 40 minutes long and catered to each person needs. You will leave feeling peaceful,

re-energized and focused. Cost of 8 classes is $100 and if a class is missed a make-up must be done within the 8 weeks. 

Drop ins welcome. A space needs to be reserved prior to the class, call 629-5040.

A waiver needs to be signed before attending any of Z's classes. It states "I understand that any yoga can be strenuous and physically demanding. I know it is my responsibility to be aware of my limits, and agree to honor my own limitations.  By signing this waiver, I hereby waive Suzanna Mantis, Sheri Templeton, Laura Hahn and any other teachers representing Z's Body & Soul and  Z’s Remedies,LLC  from any and all liability for any result to my person. I have read the above waiver and do understand that I participate at my own risk."

3 classes per week to choose from:

Class Schedule
Tuesday 1:30pm to 2:10pm, full
Wednesday 2pM to 2:40pm, 1 space OPen
Fridays 11 to 11:40, advanced seated - open



This course offers the beginner (we are All beginners, FYI) or someone that is just in need of a ​refresher, an introduction to Basic Hatha and Kriplau Yoga, no pretzel poses, sorry. You will develop strength and flexibility. You will learn to breathe more fully and calm your mind with more ease. You will feel more clarity and focus. Cost of 8 classes, one per week is $100. If a class is missed a make-up class must be done within the 8 weeks.

​Drop ins ($15 or $20 depending on the class) are welcome if we have room, contact us @ 629-5040. 

Class schedule, underlined classes have space as of 11/25/16

Monday        8am to 9am, open  

Monday        10am to 11am, see yoga melt info, class is full, no wait list

Tuesday        10am to 11am, full

Wednesday  5:30pm to 6:30pm OPEN!

Thursday    8:30 to 9:30, 2 spaces NOW Open!

Thursday    10am to 11am, full

Thursday     5:30 to 6:30pm, open

Fridays        9:30am to 10:30am, full

YIN Yoga with Laura, yoga teacher for 9 years

​"What a student can expect when attending a Yin Yoga class I am instructing…
An opportunity to check in, a short warm up, a sequence of Yin postures suited for a variety of body types and safe for many people. A peaceful and calming space for both body & mind. Guidance to experience an inner journey, with encouragement to be a watchful observer as you journey inward, surrendering into each posture, resting on the edge where comfort and challenge merge and positive transformation can take root, silence and music…."