~ All Levels Flow is for the student who may have done some yoga or for the beginner who is looking for a little more challenging practice. This class focuses on proper alignment, breathing, and balanced action. Yoga props are encouraged and modifications are given when needed. You will build steady heat and strength from the inside and end with deep relaxation, as every class ends @ Z's.

~ Vinyasa Flow, 1/2 is for the intermediate student who is interested in having a challenging physical practice which includes more advanced poses.

~ Z's Yoga MELT actually rehydrates connective tissue and balances the nervous system.  While exercise deals primarily with the musculoskeletal system, MELT is a direct self-treatment of the neurofascial system (nervous & connective tissue system).  It is a great complement to everything that you are already doing to stay healthy. 

 ~ Gentle Yoga is a style of practice that focuses on stretching and breathing, not feats of strength or extreme flexibility. Excellent for a beginner. Still, you shouldn’t expect to spend the whole class in a supine position with a blanket. You may do standing postures, forward bends, and strengthening poses in addition to seated stretches. 

~ Seated Yoga is similar to the gentle yoga description, done in your chair and standing behind your chair. Helps with balance, breathing and flexibility. Great for anyone starting out!

~ YIN Yoga works deep into the connective tissues to activate change at that deepest level. With passive (rather than active) postures, it challenges you to find peace in a position and hold that position for 3 to 5 minutes. Mostly on the floor, the postures work into the energy flows, or meridians, of the body.



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Your experience @ Z's is based on what you need and want. Be it Gentle Yoga, Vinyasa Flow, SEATED Yoga, YIN & Yoga Melt, Coaching and/or Reflexology sessions, you will feel supported and cared about while @ Z's Body & Soul. Perhaps you just want to purchase the best organic essential oils locally, or gain more knowledge on natural healing for yourself and family? Look at the products page and order incredible products. Located across from the Stanwood Middle School @ 9504  271st St. The shop is open Mon to Thurs, 11 to 3.

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