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Phillip remarked, " I started seeing Suzanna and had some good results in my work and my relationship with my wife and family. But then COVID-19 happened and I didn't know how to handle some issues. I reached out to her and did phone coaching over the last few months. She helped me look at what I could control and what I couldn't control and how to proceed with my life.
I feel, well, just better, even in the midst of this pandemic"

Doug said, "I decided to see if Z could help me with some ongoing grief issues I had with my Mom’s murder. Even though it had been 18 years, I still struggled. I had been a Marine Corps fighter pilot and had a career as an airline pilot after that. I always thought I should be tough and handle things by myself. But I was not able to effectively deal with my grief over time; it was taking away the joy in my life.
Z knew just what questions to ask and It was very beneficial to me to release all that pent up grief. After 4 or 5 sessions, I felt like a new man!
One of the final things Z had me do was write a letter to my Mom, read it out loud, then put it in the soil in a flowerpot with a Coleus plant. My Mom loved plants and flowers. So now I have the beautiful Coleus plant indoors year round, and it is a loving reminder of her. We all have issues that come up in life that we can’t handle as well as we’d like to. If you need help with some life coaching, Suzanna Mantis has my highest recommendation"

Rosie shared, "How does one navigate retiring, getting married for the second time, and moving 600 miles away all in one year?  I did exactly that almost six years ago.
When you enter Z's, you feel welcome, safe and loved immediately.  It’s hard to explain but it’s true.
Z has wisdom beyond her years.  I have seen counselor's in the past, but I must say her intuitiveness and wisdom have been far superior in helping me deal with life’s challenges"

Cathy, Mom of 4, said, " I felt lost after my kids left home and just did not know where to turn.
It was as if my purpose or who I thought I was had disappeared. Z helped me find out who I am and what I wanted. She's different than a therapist, which I had seen but couldn't get beyond my past. She helped me look to the Future"

Mr.Tippet said, "Suzanna Mantis created a meditation practice for me around coming off of my
prescription sleep aid. By gradually weaning my dose of medication, in concert with a guided meditation during reflexology, I was able to achieve normal sleep again.
I had also been a daily cigar smoker, and needed help to kick the habit. By gradually cutting back, and with the help of a reflexology/guided meditation, I was successful. This daily smoking habit had been going on for over 15 years, and I am immensely grateful for the inspiration and encouragement I received from Suzanna Mantis!"

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