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What is Aromatherapy...what is it and how did I get started?

Challenging health problems in my early 20’s got me to consider Aromatherapy (the usage of 100% pure essential oils) and at the time, I commented in a rather sarcastic tone, “How can aroma therapy help me?” I tried some things; lavender to sleep better and peppermint to help boost my energy, and they worked quickly on both issues. While still recovering from surgeries, I decided to take some classes from Dr. Schnaubelt, a German scientist, author and Master Aroma Therapist. I was awed by the scientific proof of how and why essential oils and aromatherapy work on multiple levels of healing. Since 1978 I have earned 14 certifications in Aromatherapy, and it is one of my passions. I teach 4 classes per year in Stanwood as well as traveling worldwide to offer classes. Email me with any requests @

First of all, some facts. The olfactory is 10,000 times more powerful than our sense of taste. Pure, organic essential oils (NOT fragrant oils, these are produced in a lab to smell “like” lavender, lilac, etc,so always check your source) go into the blood stream in 3 seconds and affect every cell of the body in 20 minutes. They boost the immune system, are antiviral,antibiotic and in some cases analgesic. Essential oils do not affect medications. The powerful effect of these oils has been documented for 4,000 years. They have been known to help people with depression, stress, IBS, chronic pain and sleep problems, just to name a few. I do not believe in multi-level marketing (not my bent) as there are many companies now on the market. Very few of these people selling these oils are certified in aromatherapy, so be aware. If you are dealing with a medical concern get help from a professional you trust.

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