Healing @ Z's

Prices and Options below:

Single One Hour Class = $19
Single Yin and Roller Class = $25

8 One Hour Classes, Expiration Date: Firm 8 weeks from time of purchase (all classes that are missed need to be made up attending another class within the 8 week period of time or you lose that class) = $116

Yin and Roller Yoga = $128

Two or more classes weekly are discounted $10 for one person as well as couples/families. Please email or call Z to discuss.
1 hour in-studio one person =  $90.00, schedule with Z

1 hour in-studio couple/family = $130.00, please call Z

@ 360-333-5113

1 hour offsite one person = $110.00, email Z @ zogamama@gmail.com 

Call Z @ 360-333-5113, or email her @ zogamama@gmail.com​​
to discuss options that could work best for you.


​​Class Schedule:

We are Now OPEN (as of the phase 2 plan per the Gov) for all classes And will also stay on Zoom for the next 18 months, so no need to worry if you don’t feel comfortable or ready coming back in yet.  We are a small, warm & welcoming studio and offer 13 classes weekly. We have opened up our space between our 2 rooms to safely social distance and keep our classes small.
We will have everyone coming and going through the front door, getting your temperature taken, signing in and out. 
Melissa will manage this, with Steph's help, thank goodness!
Thank you All for being the Best part of Z’s.

Classes are $116, $128 for Melt and Yin,

for an 8 week consecutive block.

We Love and honor every single person.

~ Monday: 8 a.m. Gentle Yoga with Sheri
~ Monday: 10 a.m. Roller Yoga with Z
~ Monday: 5:30 p.m. Roller Yoga with Z

~ Tuesday: 7am Flow with Laura

~ Tuesday: 10 a.m. Gentle Yoga with Z
~ Tuesday: 1:30 Seated Yoga with Z

~ Wed, 10am YIN Yoga with Laura
~ Wednesday: NOON, FLOW Yoga, with Laura
~ Wednesday: 4:30 p.m. Gentle Yoga with Sheri

~ Thursday: 4:30 pm Vinyasa All Levels Flow w/Julie

~ Thursday: 6pm Hatha with Melissa 

~ Friday: 9:30 a.m. Gentle Yoga with Sheri
~ Friday: 11 a.m. Seated Yoga with Sheri